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Technical Services


When purchasing a new motor vehicle, you ensure that it is serviced on a regular basis so it gives you long term reliable performance. Bakery equipment is no different. A maintenance program, proper caretaking and regular service by a qualified service technician should ensure long term reliable performance by your bakery equipment

The following principles of equipment maintenance are aimed at facilitating the proper and effective use and term durability and performance of your Macadams equipment.

At all times the principles set out below must be practiced in accordance with the Macadams Equipment Instruction Manual:

  • Read the Macadams Equipment Instruction Manual on delivery or receipt of equipment.
  • Design and implement a Preventative Maintenance Schedule (based on the Macadams Product Instruction Catalogue) as soon as possible.
  • Maintain all equipment on a regular basis according to the Macadams recommended Preventative Maintenance Schedule.
  • Ensure that all equipment is clean and operational for daily use. Equipment must be cleaned on a daily basis. This includes not only the internal and external surface of the equipment – attention must be paid to other components, including filters, belts, trays etc.
  • Check equipment regularly for oil leaks, worn cables and seals, adequate lubrication, unusual noises etc.
  • When cleaning or checking electrical equipment, always ensure that the electrical supply has been switched off at the circuit breaker or main switch.
  • Check mechanics for correct operation.
  • When greasing bearings, equipment wheels, castors etc, use only an approved lubricant.
  • Ensure that motors are maintained at the recommended settings as per the Macadams Equipment Instruction Manual.
  • Calibrate baking temperatures on a regular basis as per the Preventative Maintenance Schedule.
  • Beyond general maintenance, contact your authorized service technician for any repairs and additional maintenance required.

Keep a logbook for each piece of equipment, giving a history of repairs. This will assist in all queries relating to that specific product e.g. same type of problem, when last serviced or repaired, and total maintenance cost.