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Dutch food equipment designer Tanis Food Tec (TFT) supplies high-quality, continuous process lines for bakery and confectionery products. Our expertise is the engineering of customised solutions for innovative product ideas. The full-automatic plants offer a range from ingredient weighing and preparation, premixing, tempering – crystallizing – plasticizing to aeration, depositing, coating, finishing and decoration. Sophisticated Cleaning in Place system integrated. All equipment is designed according to European EHEDG hygiene criteria of which group we are a member (see also below). TFT provides start-up and after-sales. Our test lab facility is available for assistance with recipes.

Our range of production lines:
• Fillings for biscuits & wafers (cream, chocolate, jam, caramel, marshmallow, nougat)
• Gateaux
• Cake (Swiss rolls, cupcakes, Jaffa cakes, and other cake-like products)
• Marshmallow (extruded & deposited)
• Aerated chocolate
• Mousse & yoghurt
• Health bars & candy bars
• Starch moulded, soft candy

Product Description



Download here the RotoCompact brochure

Multi-purpose machine with compact size and frame on wheels.
Can be moved around freely in your factory.

Also perfect to step ahead from batch operated to continuous
production process. Available as heat exchanger stand-alone,
aerator stand-alone, and as combi-unit.

Use: for various types of pumpable products (for example gateaux production, marshmallow production, etc.)

Size range:
• RotoPlus: 100 – 250 – 400 LTR/HR
• RotoTemp: 0,2 or 0,8 m2 (100 or 400 LTR/HR)




   RotoFlex Brochure

A multipurpose system to run 2 fillings at the same time on one line.
Very compact and easy to control skid if you need to combine two fillings in one product.

This is especially helpful for the confectionery and biscuit industry where aerated creams and mallows are often combined with jelly in one sandwiched product.

Or marshmallow and jelly at the same time to make marshmallow with a jelly centre. Alternatively caramel and cream can go together, for instance to make a bar type product.
The system can contain tempering, aeration, heating and/or cooling, automatic mixing of colour, flavour and acid. And all of these functions are controlled with one central PLC on which the different recipes can be safeguarded.



RotoPlus brochure

Continuous aerator with integrated control & operating cabinet and integrated mass flow air / gas injection. Controlled aeration. All process parameters set and read out on full-colour touch-screen HMI. Parameters can be stored as recipe, to be retrieved at a later time.

Use: all pumpable food products, e.g. batter, jam, marshmallow, chocolate, cream, nougat, jellies and gums, frappe, dairy

Size range: 10 – 50 – 100 – 250 – 400 – 1000 – 2000 – 3000 kg/hr





 RotoPlant brochure
A whole plant on one frame includes tempering, aeration, water & product temperature control, and colouring / flavouring if desired. Minimal space requirements. Short installation & start-up time on location. Cost-saving, easy to operate from one single panel, and very maintenance friendly.

Use: biscuit creams, wafer creams, icings, chocolate, compound, shortenings, margarine


Compact Capper Cream brochure

Compact, entry-level RotoPlant specially designed for Cookie Capper operations. Includes tempering and aeration. During prolonged stops the machine can be switched to night setting, heating up to 45°C
Use: all fat-based fillings



RotoTemp Cream plasticizing & aeration brochure

Plasticizing and aeration in one machine and with one drive only


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