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Fruit Pre-Preparation Equipment

Fruit Pre-Preparation Equipment

Product Description

The FMT’s Prep systems can be composed according the customer needs with 1,2,3 or 4 belts.

The preparation conveyor, type PT-2 is constructed as a two-belt system. The operators receive the raw material to be processed in plastic crates, which are then manually positioned alongside the preparation station. The product is then processed from the crate with the finished product being hand placed onto the upper conveyor to avoid contact with discarded material.

The waste material is directed by a chute onto the lower discharge belt, where it can be delivered to a designated waste container.

Executed as a three-/four belt system type PT-3, the product is delivered by the supply belt, which is situated on the middle level. The operator takes off the product and process it at the preparation station. The processed product is then placed onto the upper conveyor to avoid contact with discarded material. The waste falls in a hopper (three-belt system) or directly on the waste belt (four-belt system).

All belts are provided with the FMT quick release system, which enables immediate access for thorough cleaning.

The preparation stations can optionally be equipped with separate personnel foot stands which are adjustable to individual operator working heights for a highly ergonomic hand pre-processing of vegetables.

The crate holder, the working station and the waste hopper are individually interchangeable. This enables the production personnel to determine their preferred operational position (left- or right handed). The number of working positions can be designed according to the required production rates.

The work station can also be executed with several options like knife holders, de-coring drills and hand showers.

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