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Vertical/form/fill and Seal machine

Vertical/form/fill and Seal machine

Product Description

The FMT vertical form-/ fill- and seal machines (stainless steel) are designed to meet the exact requirements of customers who pack in harsh environments that would cause corrosion and damage to a standard painted machine. Our robust stainless steel frame and IP65 electrical standards not only provide greater hygiene and cleaning capabilities, but also ensure that the machine will greatly outlast the life of standard machinery.The machines can be combined with liquid pump dosers, elevators for mozzarella cheese, multi – head weighers, auger fillers for powders and volumetric dosers. The machine height and the large maximum bag dimensions make it particularly suitable for multi – packs of foodstuffs such as confectionery, snacks, mozzarella cheese, croissants, and also for bulk bags of rice, pasta, fresh cut salads etc..

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